Since I have limited time this morning, I am attempting to keep this post brief. (lets see if I actually succeed)

A friend, who is currently the curator for a local gallery located inside one of our public libraries, invited me to a solo exhibition for the month of August and September (if I understood her correctly).  
On display will be a body of my work that includes pieces from “My View From 1502” daily paintings and more, which combine in to a cohesive and substantial grouping. 
I am very limited on time, to prepare, but, I am looking forward to the challenge. 
In the meantime I continue to labor onward and forward with the surreal pieces. As the growing collection becomes a body of work.  As a reminder of some of the older pieces, I am posting some again. These pieces take more a lot more time to complete, and are emotionally tiring as I work them out. They do not share the same colorful aspect of the tree pieces, but, do share technique.