display of my art cards at the shop

Thank goodness today is a productive and  artistically creative day for me.  Especially after the last post, which sounded dramatic and full of tension. Not making art, has a very negative impact on my life, and it does not take long for the effects to become obvious to those around me.

Creating a space where I am content to work is not in the details of the studio itself. My productivity depends greatly on my ability to feel mentally and artistically balanced. The need to exist comfortably within the space is important.  This may sound odd to some, but I bet everyone of you out there, who finds this balance, understands exactly what I mean.

WIP-surreal piece

The best designed studio is a beautiful thing, but, if you are not compatible to or comfortable in that space, then it fails to represent you.  These feelings of awkwardness and discontent begin to spread like a disease.  Slowly, seeping into your creative process.

Persistence seems to be my ally. I will keep working to find a balance and purchase.   And hopefully, I will find it!