The time is nearing for me to take down my current exhibit in the Harris Gallery in Wise, where did the time go?
 It is now time to focus on a quickly approaching fall and holiday season, again, where did the time go?

With these things  in mind, we have decided to create a line of limited edition ornaments that will be unique to our individual personalities.  They will be numbered and signed and we can provide certificates of authenticity for those who wish one.

(here comes the sales pitch)….Now would be a great time to layaway a special piece of work for that special or unique gift! I am able to take debit/credit cards as well.  For an additional fee, I am willing to ship your gift for you and completely remove the hassle of wrapping and delivery of your gift.  Prices vary according to size of work and shipping expenses.

The update: Below you will find a couple of pieces that I have been making slow progress toward completion.  The unreal tree is very close to being complete, which is ironic since I started it before the other one.  With a little luck and quiet time in the studio this Saturday, I might just cross the finish line!

One last thing:
 mark your calendar for
 October1, 7 & 15
I am teaching a 3 part class to be held on 3 consecutive Monday’s
 You will be creating your own acrylic paint-skins 
and then using them to make a piece of art. 
The class is limited in number, and we are already halfway there so please contact 
Norton Parks and Recreations for more information and reserve your spot!

I think we will have a great time.
Ps: you can contact me as well with any questions about the class

Unreal Tree–WIP

Unreal Woman & Tree–WIP


Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it. -salvador dali