This beautiful basket of hydrangeas will be the last of the beautiful flowers for the season.  As you can see there are several stages of bloom. I love to keep a few to dry they make great arrangements for fall and winter season. 

I almost forgot to grab some this year! 

I just love this basket, I found it stored away at my mom’s and of course nabbed it. Throughout its life it has been several colors, but the thing I like most about it, is its great shape.  

last basket of hydrangeas for the year
wall of art and pottery at the shop

I made myself productive while at the shop this week.  Creating a new piece of art and rearranging some art on the walls at the studio. I took this picture, to the left, to help me visually check my placement.  The pottery pieces that you see mixed in belong to one of the ladies who shares the space.  

Below is a picture I took while hiding and peeking out my front window.  My husband informed me that my sunflower arrangement was scattered all over my front entrance, and I happened to catch the guilty parties as they were having breakfast Monday morning.  They were so cute, I had a hard time being too upset that I no longer have a nice sunflower arrangement to great my guests. 

sunflower thief, caught in the act my front door

Last but not least in this collage of photography is the newest piece of art for the surreal tree series.  I am not positive about this statement, but feel very strongly that I could create tree images without tiring.  This particular one is on an 11 x 14 sized canvas.  I notice that the trunk is chunky and very substantial, almost as if I created a place for me to rest or shelter within the bough.  I like the idea of that.

Surreal Tree Art Series Piece
11 x 14

Happy Friday,