My View from 1502 (literally)

Monday morning arrives much earlier than anticipated for me.  I have been up since 5 am.  For some reason, Abraham, one of our dogs, decided that I should be awake.  Or, at the very least he should be helped back into bed. Once awake, I find it is very difficult to fall back asleep. So, here I am, doing something productive, instead of watching Psyche or Frazier reruns on Netflix. 

I can pretty confidently say that once I finish this entry, I will reward myself with an episode or two…

Photograph info: photo above was taken with my iPhone.  It was my attempt at using the new addition to the photo app, and to the right are flowers that Cassandra, my youngest, brought when she came to visit yesterday. 

I have an opinion about flowers that I borrowed from my grandma: do not spend money on flowers when I am gone, but rather give them to me now, so that I may enjoy them. 

By no means do I consider myself a photographer. Like any hobbyist I attempt only to capture special moments and the like. The panoramic photo illustrates the spectacular view that I enjoy from my front door, and will help you comprehend how I arrived at the title for this blog. 

During the past week, I have spent time inventorying art and photographing it before it goes on a journey. The painting to the left, I created is not my the typical practice or style.  A local theatre group that is preparing for a play, asked me to create a scene on canvas which could be installed behind an old window frame.  This large window will be the focal point of their set and needs to create the illusion of a path leading to the entrance of an Inn. 

Since the piece is still drying, I will share the installed work later. At which time, I should have made progress on a practice piece for the  “gel medium photo transfer art” workshop, and will get me closer to setting a date for us to begin.