We are officially a week into the new year and what are one of my first gifts of new year? 

a crappy cold.  

It starts with aches and then pains, add a scratchy throat  and stuffy nose.  I woke up this morning feeling as though someone had stuffed my nose and lungs with cotton balls. UGH….Oh and I sound like a bull frog. 

They are saying this year is the worst for bugs and flue to date, but I also blame you people-you know who you are-those who refuse to accept that they are sick, admit defeat or are worried about missing a few days work that you trudge in to the office unable to perform and never stop to consider the rest of us that share your space. Onward you go, miserable, proliferating germs at a rate the not even the stoutest antibiotic can withstand.  Into the office you come, carrying your cruddy germs, coughing, sneezing and touching everything.

(ok, stepping down off the soap box in order to get to the purpose of the blog)

The shop is down, the art is still for sale (that which has not already been sold) and the bedroom (formerly known as Ashley’s room) is now the studio.  


If you will recall I also mentioned that I am working on a huge canvas in previous posts.  This photo shows you the large scale of the canvas (48 x60).  While this might not be the most prestigious of studios its has a lot going for it and it is going to work for me. (anything is better than that basement)  

Here are a few tips I would offer for making your studio yours:

Tip#1: We purchased a piece of the cheapest linoleum we could find and put it down over the hardwood. (I am clumsy and messy when I paint) Tip#2: A nice table that you can work on sketches or smaller scale things near the easel (mine currently is a card table, but I hope to upgrade that sooner than later) Tip #3: If you do not have cabinet or shelving in place-organize your materials in tote-like shelf containers that have wheels for convenience.  Tip#4: I like a chair with wheels so that I can spin around to which ever area I want to work in or slide back to get a broader perspective on a piece in progress Tip#5: and last to APPLY ASS TO SEAT, AND CREATE. You will be amazed at just how much you can accomplish if you actually do this!

12 x 12
canvas paper
watercolor, pen and ink