It has been a long and somewhat tough week. I have battled the beast known as a nasty ear infection/sinus infection turned into bronchitis/asthma monster.  

As a result of being laid low by this crud, I am home all last week and not able to work. To distract myself from how miserable I feel and how much fun everyone else around me is having I surf the web, too much. Mistake number One. Of course it is not long before I begin to research the symptoms which have rendered me useless and this cough must surely be the signs of something more serious…Mistake number Two.  My poor germ infested brain is so befuddled that I begin to believe it is possible to have contracted some terrible disease…tuberculosis, black death or cholera. After all a coworker returned from China not too long ago….its feasible, right??!!  I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person, (no wise cracks) But with defenses down, and illness clouding common sense…and the ability to make practical conclusions it would be easy to fall prey to this?? You can be perfectly healthy and before you have finished reading you will exhibit symptoms which are similar to say…yellow fever, a disease which requires elements such as exposure to or owning a monkey. (perfectly logical, right?) Here in SW Virginia that makes even more sense, Not…whew. 

In all seriousness, I have felt pretty rough and I hope many of you are able to avoid the various forms of winter time crud creeping around out there. 

I have a couple of pieces of work to share with you. One is finished and the other still in progress.  both pieces on 12×12 canvas paper and are created with watercolor, and ink. 

12×12 canvas paper

12 x 12 canvas paper