Today I am sitting inside my toasty and warm home. Winter Storm Iago (yep, apparently they name them now) was the source for some pretty nasty events over the last 24 hours in SW Virginia and has turned my neighborhood into what would be described as a winter wonderland. (IF you like winter wonderlands) I do not. As I wander around, coffee mug in hand, peeping out windows from different perspectives, I am willing and grateful to keep my fuzzy muk-luk slippers on, and stay in.  If you know me at all, you know that I hate being cold and would willing relocate to any warm climate.  

I lived a period of my life where once the snow came, unlike in this area, stayed around to accumulate through the long winter months.  Growing up in an old two story farm house, I remember our first floor windows were often covered in snow so we had to go upstairs to peer out.  I am no stranger to snow so I feel free to NOT be a fan. Friends (who know this about me and in anticipation of our impending storm Iago) suggested that I should paint snow scenes.  I have been an artist for many years, yet I have NEVER painted snow.  Nor, do I have snow scenes hanging around in my house. I have never felt an inclination or urging to paint snow. I am UNsure I could even give a winter scene a good effort. 

If you will recall I have been trying to recover from this Chinese Chicken Poop Bird Flu going around in our office and didn’t manage to escape. (btw-thats not the official medical term) Recovery is not going as quickly as I should like and this prompted another visit to the doctor. Which resulted in an X-ray, continuation of inhalers, more antibiotics, more steroids for the cough (I pulled a muscle from coughing so hard) and some kick ass cough syrup.  Now let me just say……when I say kick-ass cough syrup…..I am NOT exaggerating! I slept 9 hours straight last night. I do not even remember falling asleep. 

The photo update below will only show minor changes in my current piece of art on the easel.  This canvas is going to be one of my biggest challenges.  I have painted many large scale works before, but never one that will have the amount of surreal details. I have not finished laying in the back colors and details, this is going much slower than normal because I am working with watercolor. Perhaps recovery from the chicken flu will provide me with some momentum I need for real progress.  Until then, I am going to snuggle up in my girls room, watch Kingdom (a BBC series) on netflix and drink coffee……..

Stay warm and safe wherever you are today.