I don’t quite know where to begin since it has been quite some time since I have posted a recent blog.  I suppose, sorry would be a good place to begin, and some explanation to follow.  The crud that knocked me under for a while, decided it was not quite finished with me and has taken its sweet time going away.  After several rounds of antibiotics, steroids, inhalers, and lots of Netflix it appears that I have conquered the beast.  

The down side, unfortunately, is trying to recapture the desire to create and this gives me a distinctly uneasy feeling which is difficult to put into words. Imagine sitting down to do a simple task, something you do everyday, such as to write and then picking up a pencil but an alien feeling of unfamiliarity and inability crowds in on you.  

For me, unearthing my creativity afterward is the stumbling block of which I am still trying to overcome, so far, without success.  To that end, I am sorry to respond with nothing new.  No progress on the painting, no doodle art, no sketches, nothing, nil, naught, zilch……….well I suppose you get the idea.  There is no new art.

I want to end the blog with a little bit of art, how could I not?  Included are some images from the series Salvador Dali Divine Comedy, a poem by Dante Alighieri, illustrated by Dali they took almost 10 years to create, there are a total of 101 watercolor drawings. I was fortunate enough to see these on exhibit recently.