Just when I thought I was ready to move on from the subject of trees to something else, we visit my daughter in Charleston (SC), and I fall in love with trees all over again. 

The photos I am sharing today come from two specific areas, downtown in the Battery and on St. John’s Island.  The entire area of Charleston is overflowing with old architectural beauties, and trees dripping layers of  wispy delicate moss. I can not wait to go back…

Disclaimer: all images below were taken with my phone camera and without any real photography skill, so please! no hate mail about my lousy photography skills!  🙂

St. Johns Island, South Carolina
“Angel Oak Tree”
named after the family who own the property where this beauty lives
she is approximately 300-400 years old
(wouldn’t you love to hear the story that this tree could tell?)
Oh, and if you look closely at the main trunk, you will see my daughter examining the details above…

more branches at the Battery….

Downtown Charleston, SC
Across the street from the Battery there are many beautiful, historical buildings  

Just look at these tree branches….
Standing beneath the Angel Tree looking up….

more gorgeous trees twisting and turning……

this image just seemed to say that it needed to be desaturated, so that we could appreciate its wonderful details….

along this branch of the angel tree,
fern, moss and lichen are growing creating shapes, textures and subtle colorations, 
which are so beautiful it is impossible to describe with mere words
who’s ready to paint some trees?

Next post I will share more art, these images just seem to deserve their own post!