I awoke this spring morning to the sounds of rain pitter pattering on my window pane. More rain.  Not what I wanted to see today, I refused to allow it to dampen my spirits.  I was expecting a guest.  Not a typical event for my morning routine, which added to my excitement. 

If you will recall a few months back I conducted a workshop on “paint skins” in a local community center.  I have been delighted to discover that one of the participants is still working with medium and has created several pieces.  Her current piece was frustrating her and she had recently contacted me to discuss some ideas.  After a few emails, I invited Nilu to bring her piece to my studio and she and I could work on it some together.  She accepted my invitation and today she arrived on my doorstep, a bit damp with her canvas in tow. A dreary rainy day was not about to lessen our desire to create art.  

After some rearranging and clearing away (on my part) we set up a small table in the middle of my studio floor and set to work. Nilu has no fear of color and working on large canvases. This makes me very happy.  I struggle to work within small spaces and find a freedom to walls and large canvas that most people find intimidating.  After chatting some, I began to better grasp an understanding of what Nilu wanted for her art.  She and I began the process of placing and replacing the pieces of paint to create just that.  We spent several great hours together arranging and then rearranging until we felt we had achieved our goal.  As a final step to her process, Nilu swirls paint over the top of the pieced together skins and it pulls them all together in a Pollack like conclusion.  Below are her results:

I have not shown you my latest surreal tree and I promise I will soon. But today I want to share with you a private commission piece that I am working on.  To commemorate the graduation of their only son, whom is graduating, D, asked me to create this painting for his wife as a gift.  Beginning to prepare, I researched for symbolic meanings which I felt would define what D wants.  

Here is a list of what I have used and why: (you know I don’t always do this for you…..)

sitting & head bowed: prayer, meditation (represents her belief and faith)
open book: faith, knowledge (mothers faith and prayer for her child)
clasped hands: comfort, prayer, farewell (both)
candle: life (either)
flame: eternity, love (mothers love of her child)
open door: entrance to new world (for the son)
arched door: victory
fleur de lis: motherhood, and the holy trinity (not on the painting yet)

colors: red-love; yellow-joy, happiness; green-youth, luck; blue-peace, tranquility; gray/brown on the floor to represent security and stability of a mothers love; pink-caring and tenderness of a mother for her child

These symbolic representations are meant to celebrate and honor this time in the growth and evolution of a mother and son as they approach new paths. I hope D is happy with my interpretation.

thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, 
and the life of the candle will not be shortened. 
happiness never decreases by being shared.