Spring, sprung finally! I for one could not be happier. We we are on a steady trend toward another scorcher of a summer.  We are experiencing temperatures that approach 90 here in SW Va. mountains before we have even left the month of May. 

Art: The most recently finished tree is more subtle then some of its predecessors. Instead of heavier ink, I chose to use a fine tipped pen. The detailing is actually, well more detailed, but the effect is much softer.  To take a break, I pulled out a couple of pieces from the “my view” show and added some detailing to them.  

It occurred to me looking at these pieces that I should have pursued them further at the time; I might have discovered or evolved in to my current technique sooner.  But, it does prove (to me) that the discovery or process will eventually happen, but, sometimes you are the one holding yourself back by giving up too soon. They say you are your own worst enemy. I think there is truth in that statement. 

12 x 36 stretched canvas
mixed media
oil, ink

Day 181
from My View from 1502 show
8 x 10

Day 299
from My View from 1502 show
8 x 10

Before I leave I really would like to show off my lovely patch of primroses….I know many gardner’s view them as invasive and they totally can be.  However, when I look out at that sea of pink I have a hard time being sad or disliking them….

Yep, that is cactus you see growing in the front edges of the primrose…..here where it snows, they survive!
Also, see my really cool planter we made from a piece of drain pipe? I am still trying to decide what to plant inside.
A nice big boxwood, shaped into a dome? Or a new everblooming hydrangea? decisions……

Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal…Nietzsche