For the last few months, I have been alternately enjoying, cursing and painting a commissioned piece. I am still not finished.   These feelings reminded me to pause and reflect on how I can better relate to a client.  Bringing to fruition an idea that belongs to someone else can befuddle both the artist and the person the idea belongs to.  Many times we find a groove right away with our client, but every once in a while it takes a little more time and effort to engage or find that harmony. 

It is my job as the commissioned artist to listen and represent in a painting something of significance. This is not always easy.  With two people struggling to communicate their ideas, you must both be honest, patient and listen closely.  There is no fault, this is part of the process. The result will be a great painting. 

Stay focussed, don’t give up, or feel discouraged if you have to begin again. The worst mistake anyone can make is to become complacent in their skills.  
Complacency is defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary web site as: self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.   (…accompanied by UNawareness of actual danger or DEFICIENCIES!-worth repeating!!) 

The reverse of complacency, however, can lead to learning, awareness, knowledge, experience and a sophistication in technique…..

in the words of a one famous fish, just keep swimming….