Greetings on a dreary September afternoon,

I finally feel close to finishing this piece, and, there might be a few things that I will tweak but otherwise this piece is now removed from my easel.  

Someone close to me, has asked me to use a photo she took and reproduce the image into a painting.  I began to analyze this idea and became concerned about how to follow through. But, it occurs to me that I am making this harder than it is, while also overlooking the obvious. The goal is to recreate MY interpretation of this photograph, and to use MY style to capture the soul and spirit of this photograph. That is what she wants and I am ready to get started. 

I have included this image at the end of the post, so you may see where my next piece of work will be coming from and how the colors, substance and mood will be very different from recent work, such as this colorful lady in order to accomplish my goal. 


One of the things that people don’t realize is that that natural beauty, 
those recreational forests, they have an economic development impact 
for the state as well.-ed rendell

Cassandra Dowdy © 2013