I hope everyone has had a wonderful thanksgiving and ate too much. If you were able to spend time with those you love most, then that is even better. I have been alternately painting and decorating during the holiday break.   I have a lot of photos that I want to share with you, so let us get right to them.  

This photograph was taken by my friend/client, who LOVES snowmen.  She picked up the sleigh at a great bargain and asked me to personalize it with the snowman design for her. I think it looks great as a part of her collection, don’t you?

Here are a couple commissions that I worked on this weekend. I am especially proud of this snowman because I managed to squeeze in 9 letters! I have been thinking that Elves or Santa’s would also make cute themes for the ornament design too. 

*a tip for anyone with a nice floor in their studio-pick up a piece of inexpensive linoleum to cover your floor and this way accidents are no longer a problem*

Showing off my vintage Currier & Ives by Knowles, the pattern is “Country Life”. They belonged to my husband’s grandmother, I feel lucky that we own them now. I am a big fan of transferware/ironstone and love using these plates for any occasion.  
Here is a closer look at the plate itself. 

This is a tin platter I found for $2 at a “this and that” store last year. I just loved the design and odd shape. 

A collage photo of my Christmas tree 

In case you have missed past posts, you will not know that we are Notre Dame Fans and the guys room is decorated with a ND theme. We have had the fortune to attend games, but visiting the campus, experiencing the friendly atmosphere, the reverence of the Grotto and the breathtaking Basilica made us all love ND even more.  This tree is a fun way to endorse the Fighting Irish. 

And so, begins the count down for Christmas!