Insomnia strikes at the most awkward and annoying of times. This time accompanied by leg cramps…oh what fun, right? In the wee hours of this Thursday morning (yep, a work day) I decided to put my time to good use and repost a couple of pieces of art that have attracted some inquiries recently. 

A mixed media painting, it is textural and the colors (although not at their best in this photo are very rich and warm in tone.  If you work near me this piece is currently hanging behind me in the office. 

Title: Cassandra’s Song
Size: 24 x 36 inches
Style: Mixed Media

on stretched canvas

These three pieces just made their way back home after being on exhibit for the past year in the Volvo Plant in Dublin, Virginia. Surreal in style, they make a great grouping or able to stand alone. They are painted in oil and will need to be varnished before they find their forever home.  Size8 x 10 inches, they are pieces from my year of daily painting show that I called My View from 1502. 

Glass Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments

I still have 4 large abstract design glass ornaments left from a series of 12, that are hand painted- and numbered, from 2012 for the holidays. 

If anyone is looking for a special gift these make a great keepsake. 
They are $35 each