With less than two weeks left until Christmas I have been cranking out snowmen, ornament paintings, ornaments with paintings, and the like. I ran across this quote by Andy Warhol this week. It really resonates with me and I want to share it with you in this post. Most likely it become a permanent feature in my side bar. 

      Here is a new twist on the snowman that all sports fans can appreciate:

12 x 24 canvas hand painted personalized gifts 

Title: Contemplating
Medium: Oils on Canvas
size: 12 x 18 inches

There is a long story that goes with this piece, but suffice it to say that I had become rather resentful of my time and effort committed its completion.  I had even considered painting over the piece. And then, out of nowhere, it sold, and in such an igniting manner-it is still lingering with me. 

Selling your art is expansive and it is a humbling feeling. I suppose only a writer can find words that do justice to how this moment affect me as an artist. To see someone’s animation about your work as they try to articulate how/why it affects them is well, priceless.  

If there are ever any doubts for artists, and there always seem to be many for me-as to why I keep working, these moments are the treasures and invaluable reason. 

I think this experience exemplifies perfectly, what Warhol was saying.