It appears that Old Man Winter has finally found Southwest Virginia.  Until last week we had been fortunate enough to have missed severe weather and enjoy relatively mild seasonal temperatures, that is, until this past week.  Not only has one winter storm blasted through (quickly thank goodness), but another is predicted to hit tonight and dump 2-7 inches on us depending on elevation. 

I’m not one to spend a lot of time following weather, but, I hope it breaks, dies out, or whatever, when a storm find its way into the central mountains of Virginia.  My fingers and toes are crossed. 

A New Year. Do I celebrate? Nah, In order for me to want to celebrate the beginning of a new year that comes in January, someone is going to have to a) move me to a year round warm location or b) change the calendar. Since I am pretty sure neither of those is going to happen anytime soon my expectations are not high.
but consider if you will…
a fresh new year starting in, oh say, about April, when the earth is coming alive, now that sounds pretty good doesn’t it? There must be more of you out there who feel like I do. Who can get excited about the starting a new year when your cold. 

Art Progress:
Not a lot actually. Round two, oils are drying, but here are some photos. My oldest daughter took one look at this piece and decided that I am channeling Dr. Seuss. I can think of worse things.   

Posting a couple of my doodle art pages too.  I like to think of them as an artist’s stress ball (well, it works for me).  Through winter and less creative times I can dig out sketch books, a sharpie and before I realize it,  have filled page after page.  
but really…who can sit and watch tv without SOMETHING to do anyway. 

…I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues. -dr. S