Doodle Art:

Today I had time to grab the old doodle pad, and well, doodle.  
I use doodling to de-stress. I started keeping them journal style a couple of years ago and have filled up an entire pad and started on another (DOODLE PAGE).  I have always been a doodler to the exasperation of my parents, teachers, co-workers and  my husband. I catch myself doodling on just about anything, even my leg, if there is no paper available. 

I ran across studies that show/prove doodling helps focus! (gonna send this post to my mom and dad when I am finished…just kidding mom, love ya mean it!)
this information from wikipedia so…..

According to a study published in the scientific journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, doodling can aid a person’s memory by expending just enough energy to keep one from daydreaming, which demands a lot of the brain’s processing power, as well as from not paying attention. Thus, it acts as a mediator between the spectrum of thinking too much or thinking too little and helps focus on the current situation. The study was done by Professor Jackie Andrade, of the School of Psychology at theUniversity of Plymouth, who reported that doodlers in her experiment recalled 7.5 pieces of information (out of 16 total) on average, 29% more than the average of 5.8 recalled by the control group made of non-doodlers. (WOW!!)

Some noteworthy doodlers: 

Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy,  Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, John Keats, Samuel Beckett, Sylvia Plath, Stanislaw Ulam, Bill Gates

An idea can turn to dust or magic, 
depending on the talent that rubs against it.