Zentangle, Zendoodle or Doodle? 

I’ve recently become aware of newer terminology regarding the method or act of what is/was commonly called doodling. Copyright owners for the “zentangle” process defines it in this way: “to use a “string” which defines an area (this is usually done in pencil) and then that area is filled in with a repetitive pattern chosen from an existing list of patterns, or “tangles.” There is much more, such as using good tools, not being concerned with up/down orientation, shading, etc. Our string and tangle approach is the essence of Zentangle.” You can read more on their philosophy on there site: Zentangle Theory

Umm….ok? Still sounds like doodling to me

My understanding of the zentangle definition: 
doodling created in a structured, conscious state.
Oh, I get it now

…but what about the meditative, spontaneity aspect?

If you are still with me, and previously felt inspired to doodle, DO NOT throw down your pen and give up, I am feeling a little confused myself. Who cares what the process is call anyway, what matters is that it is fun and it works. 
It WILL be ok, pick that pen up and carry on. 
Whether you doodle in a conscious or unconscious frame of mind, the benefits outweigh the opposition, the indisputable (and proven) freedom to focus and relax are the reward. 

“I should not talk so much about myself 
if there were anybody else whom I knew as well.” 
(this must be where the advise to “write about what you know” comes from)


PS~thank you for all the interest in my blog lately! My stats have dramatically increased, and I am pleased about that