When it comes to sunshine…if there are sun beams peeking through ANYWHERE…Scruffy and/or I will find them.

<—the proof is in the photo as they say

As I was working around the house today, I happened to notice that he was laying in an odd place…I looked a little closer to see why.
He found a sun spot..which made me thing of Sunspot Baby the 1977 song by Bob Seger. Anyone else remember this song?

In 1980 I saw Bob Seger perform, while on his Against the Wind Tour. I owned this t-shirt and practically wore it out, then my teens who loved “vintage” concert T’s finished it off.  We had just

moved from Ohio to Virginia. It was a big transition for a kid starting high school, but that concert was one of its highlights. I think I own everyone on his record albums, still. Do you remember those huge black discs that are about 10X the size of a CD?

I guess today is kind of an homage to family pets kind of day. Meet Tucker, the black feline standing on his haunches. He is a very quirky cat, who my daughter and her partner belong to. She snapped this photo last night while we were chatting. We are not sure what shenanigans he was getting ready to be involved in, but his attention was completely on Amy.
Hmmm….maybe he AND Amy were up to something?

On the subject of Art..
I worked on the tree some more today, but do not feel like I made enough progress on the work to be relevant enough to post about. Instead, I am sharing my recent doodle art, in my journal, which I finished today.  This piece is similar to one I did about a year ago, but the basis for the design is similar. In this piece I decided to add color, I chose copper, gold, silver, brown yellow, aqua and lime green colored sharpies. Unfortunately the metallics are lost in the photograph. 
2014 Doodle Art by Valerie Dowdy
2013 Doodle Art by Valerie Dowdy

Every man is a builder of a temple called his body, We are all sculptors and painters and our material is our own flesh and blood and bones. Any nobleness begins at one to refine a man’s feature, any meanness or sensuality to imbrute them…Walden-Throeau



  1. Yay! I thought I lost you! Thanks for commenting, so I could put you back on my blog list! Your doodles are incredible! Never was anything I was good at 🙁 , so I'll just look at yours!

  2. Thanks for commenting Cass, I wish more people would.
    I also hate when I am too lazy to edit my post. It really loses something….

  3. Lots of lovely thoughts here