More SNOW!! coming down today. They said it was coming (weathermen), but I didn’t believe it….

<—-used this last year, coming in handy again

I say that in such a dramatic way, you would think that I live in some northern clime where temperatures have been unbearable and the snow has accumulated in feet as opposed to the two or three inches that we actually have. The truth of the matter is that I am just not a fan of winter time. So, I tend to whine and moan a lot during the months of January through March.

About Art:

I tested the surreal tree (I chose to work in oils this time)and it is not cured enough to start doing ink details, so again, no progress photos or reports. 

Boredom drives me insane. I am not someone who can sit around. I get so edgy and frustrated, so I have been trying to find some mindless things to occupy my time. One of which is this decoupage project. I disliked the cover of my doodle journal, so I covered it with images from magazines, etc. to give it a little pizazz. 

Below that is a doodle I finished up this morning. 

The third photo is of a screen shot from a google image search. Searching for surreal tree art and some inspiration, I found one of MY surreal tree art pieces. 

Its nothing really, but it made me smile…

Decoupaged Journal Cover

Valerie Dowdy Surreal Tree Art-second row, last piece on right

On reading:
I just purchased a book published and written by a friend and local professor Michael O’Donnell you can read more on the story here: O’D penned memoir available Jan 16 
all proceeds will go toward a scholarship he created for the school. He is a unique man with an even more interesting perspective of life and experience to tell in story form. 
Go buy the book, enjoy his stories and support the college: 
“O’ D: a Memoir, Fifty Years of Teaching and Travel” 
buy it here bookstore.