I have been out sick. Well, I am still sick really, with a sinus infection and bronchitis, which has knocked me on my butt big time. 
I have already missed two days of work this week and am feeling very frustrated and STIR CRAZY. With loads of time and no energy, I have found myself depending on the tv for noise and from feeling sorry for myself. Coughing takes a lot of my energy and unfortunately has kept me from getting much sleep too.

OK, enough whining. 

About Art:

I read a great article published in 1810 by the poet/artist Goethe (click here for link to the article) called The Psychology of Color and Emotion.  Although written very long ago, its relevance to how we interpret color both biologically and culturally are still very relevant. His philosophy and artistic description on the experience of color are still applicable and worthy. 

While incapacitated, I have been drawing some on my doodle book. (nothing new there) Also, got a commission for something a little different. An octopus, the background is unfinished, so I will refer to it as a WIP. 

There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children, one of these is roots, the other wings. -goethe