I am really trying to keep up with my blogging, I do not want to drop the ball again. I think it is beneficial to first myself, and then to you guys who for some reason think I might actually have something worthwhile to say….I hope I do not disappoint.

The asthmatic bronchitis (pretty scary sounding crap isn’t it?) I has seriously kicked my butt and I am in need of rejoining the world of the living. This sucks. 


Art as Therapy: 7 Psychological Functions of Art 

This is a great read for anyone interested on theory of art as a therapy through remembering, hope, sorrow, rebalancing, self understanding, growth and appreciation. 

Such is the power of art: It is both witness to and celebrator of the value of the ordinary, which we so frequently forsake in our quests for artificial greatness, a kind of re-sensitization tool that awakens us to the richness of our daily lives” quote from the article

My Art:
Kind of funny story: I just did the octopus and shared with you guys a few days ago, right? So, how come no one noticed that he was a sextopus (made up word) instead of an octopus and called me on my error!!??!!! 
Poor guy is in need of a couple additional legs. 

Doodling is easiest way for me to create while I am laying around mending, so I tried my hand at elephants, turned out pretty good I think. Also, I want to share one that my daughter, Cassandra did in pastels. I just love it and always tell ALL THREE of my children they have ten times the talent that I have, they just do not have the drive to pursue their creative sides as I do. 
Oh, and I went back and added a bit of color to the old lady drawing. I think it was just want it needed. 

Quick recap…old woman doodle with color (mine), pastel elephant by Cassandra and doodle elephant (mine)