My View From 1502
Valerie Dowdy Art
FEBRUARY 13, 2014

Beginning yesterday evening and throughout the night, and  into the morning, snows ranging from five to ten inches of heavy white snow covered Southwest Virginia. Transforming us instantly in to a winter wonderland.

The more fortunate of us, who were able to stay in and enjoy,  were better able to appreciate this because we CAN sit on the inside and observe, right?  Right.

On photos:
Through out this morning I have taken some photos at various times today, I find it interesting how the time/light alters the images. Some are posted here today.

Being Sick:
After being ill for two weeks, it felt good to be back at work and amongst people again. But, I have to admit that I appreciated this snow day more than I would like to admit, because two days back at work and I was thinking I might have rushed my return. Thankfully, the rest of this week will give me time to finish catching up.

Photograph by Ron Elkins 2014

On art:
If you will remember the octopus, who suffered an identity crisis (having only been given six legs originally) was given his due (two more legs!) and back off to be matted and framed for a valentines day gift. I wish it had occurred to me sooner to offer or suggest art for valentines gifts…..

Speaking of Valentines Day…I love flowers, who doesn’t right? But the reality of a cut flower arrangement is an out of pocket expense starting around $75-150 dollars and going up from there and in after a weeks worth of enjoyment, gone.     Same for candy.

A personalized gift or piece of art is a gift that will continue to be enjoyed forever….just saying.

Back to the octopus, here he is in his new frame and mat….looks pretty awesome.

Original Art by Valerie Dowdy copyright 2014
Doodle art: My oldest daughter, the archeologist/apple store employee grew to have a fascination and love of all things tapir. Honestly, before she discovered this odd little “so ugly they are cute” creatures  which inhabit jungle and forest regions of South AmericaCentral America, and Southeast Asia, I admit, that I had never even heard of them. About Tapirs

Original Art by Valerie Dowdy copyright 2014
This pretty much winds up the art updates. I have been asked to come up with some spring ideas for personalized craft/art and hopefully will have solidified those over the weekend. Stay tuned. 
(Could this be avoidance of dealing with taxes and IRS??…yep)
Early Morning Light 

Southwest Virginia Mountains from My View

Photo Collage of Snow Day



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  1. Oh man! Even though I spent most of my life in the Midwest, and put up with snow and ice, I don't miss it one bit! Yes, your photos are absolutely stunning, and sitting here in Sunny Florida, think it would be nice to see snow again. But, then, I go outside (without a heavy coat on), and decide this is the best place for me! 😉