Progress Update on the Lassie Project:
The canvas is very compromised and brittle, so I decided to reinforce the backside with some primer to help strengthen the canvas for the upcoming abuse it would take from sanding. As I began to sand, the already burned area near the edge of the frame began to tear. It is extremely delicate and I see that I will have to decrease the size of the piece more than I originally thought. Hopefully, I can continue to work with it still on the framing bars. This will make my job an easier task.  This will give me time in which I can evaluate what size I will have to decrease the image to, and what parts I will have to sacrifice. Hopefully not too much. 

Sanding away, an odd realization began to creep forward unconsciously.  The colors were fading, Lassie was fading, disappearing almost. With every swipe I made across the surface, the bubbles in the paint smoothed out, but also, the image began to lose luster and dim.  In this moment I started to feel sad, I was watching Lassie leave me, again.  I stopped. The practical side of me knows that I am restoring the painting, but….

This process is more emotional, significant and important than I have prepared myself for…..

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New Piece of Art from the Weekend
Size: 11 x 14 
pre-stretched  canvas
acrylics, ink & pencil
“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” Thoreau from Walden

(wish I could learn to live in each season–i HATE winter)