Art News:
I will be heading to Kentucky tomorrow, in order to judge in the coal fair art category for CEDAR (click link for more info). There are usually 125-175 art entries from ages 5 to 18 years and range from drawings to jewelry to quilts. Some children come in to speak to the judges about their entry, which is always fun. I am one of three judges representing the professional field, educational field and the coal industry.  It will be a 10+ hour night on concrete, no less. This is not a job for the wimpy.  I have missed the last couple years, and I hope I can hold out for the entire event. 

Ok Kentucky art students…I hope you are excited, motivated and show me lots of creativity & originality! 

Update on Lassie
painted second layers on the background area, grassy knoll, sky, and porch floor
starting to come together

Old Oak Freebie Cabinet that husband and I are refinishing
has original brass key holes, glass drawer knobs and great patina on the oak
can’t wait to refinish this piece.
It looks a little splotchy in photo because he had just swiped the dust left from sanding the old varnish away
Unfortunately this piece had been sitting exposed on the porch of an old farm house or we might have been able to save the finish, without having to sand down to the bare wood. But on a good note, look at those details!

The two photos above are the results of when a cairn terrier (named Abraham)
who has lately decided he needs to express  his mischievous streak AND realizes that you didn’t close your studio door all the way. I only wish this were the only damage he has wrought of late.
I lost another painting, and he has suddenly taken to chewing electrical cords, which he had never ever done before. We are afraid he is going to injure himself in his quest for revenge. He is not happy with being barred from the bed, I have developed more severe allergy problems and had to bar Abe and his brother Scruff to the couches or their own beds. Abraham is not taking it well, to say the least.
Meanwhile I am trying to get well, so that I don’t have to find him a new home.
…you think he would cut me a little slack!!