there is no new art, no progress on WIP’s or any other relevant comments and discussion regarding my art….

So where does that leave me for an update on the blog? Good Question.  In fact, one I have been pondering for days now without any real success.  Some artists and writers make this all seem so simple. For me the journey has been a minefield obstacles and insecurities. All the “articles’ say be original, genuine and above all things be unique! Sure, no problem…..(sarcasm)* This most recent crossroad, of which, leaves me feeling unsettled, dissection and definition elude me, and then, failure threatens to translate into positive action.  

Trying not to forge ahead without using this time to analyze just where and what I want to be doing at this point with my blog is probably a good place to start. If someone out there has thoughts or opinions on what they like or do not like about my blog, my art, my style, or any other relevant opinions. 

I would love to hear from you. Use the ‘contact me’ to remain private. In the meantime I will continue to consider my options, directions and hopefully find the course I should be on. I have never been one to drift around aimlessly for very long. 


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