This morning the sun shines brightly and looks to be the beginning of a beautiful Friday. Unfortunately, I have an eye appointment or I would have made no plans, but ‘to soak up the sun’.

Ok, moving on…


I have just a few details left to add to the hair on this piece, and I realized that I have a frame that fit the canvas. I would like to share this with you today as an example of how framing is (IN MY OPINION) an important step and the finishing touch that seems to pull this style of work (in particular) together. 

Valerie Dowdy Art
24 x 36 inches
Acrylics, Pencil, Ink
(will sell with frame)

Another view of the work hanging on the wall

Final words in support of the sun (for today) and reasons it is good for you.
**disclaimer: these were taken from the internet, we all know if its on the internet it is true right? So, take these for what they are worth. I did not research their validity:

1.Exposure to sun gives skin an increased elasticity and moderately tanned skin is resistant to infections, and sun burning which is more detrimental to skin. Many skin diseases can be controlled and sometimes cured through exposure to the sun.

2.The suns rays are proven to strengthen the immune system.

3. Sunlight helps in cases of chronic or acute depression, by stimulating the synthesis of endorphins (good feeling hormones). Thats why we get depressed in the cold and dark days of winter.

4. The sun is good against insomnia. Sunlight exposure increases production of melatonin during the night. This hormone helps regulate sleep.

5. Under the action of sunlight, the skin synthesizes vitamin D, which makes possible calcium absorption in the intestine, helping the organism grow strong bones. This is the way the sun prevents rachitism in both children and adults and osteoporosis in elders, and helps prevent some cancers, colon, breast, leukemia, and lymphomas as vitamin D impede the development of some cells.

6. Exposure to sun strengthens cardiovascular systems, which aids blood circulation, pulse, arterial pressure, high glycemia and cholesterol levels.

7. Sun rays improve liver functioning, being effective in treating jaundice.

8. Sweating, aids in elimination of waste products

9. Increases the metabolic rate, which aids losing weight, through stimulation of thyroid, and eases symptoms of PMS.

10. The sun rays ease swollen joints of arthritis peaks of inflammation.

Just saying……