Finding discs of what you thought were lost photographs is always a treat and when you find some that were documents of your work which no longer survives, it is an even happier event. 

If I should begin this tale as a story teller, it must begin like this…

Once upon a time…..

I had just returned to school to work on my art degree. As a mother of three busy children I will never know what possessed me to think, hey, now is a good time to try this.  Because folks, it was not in fact a good time. 

As if there was any need to further complicate matters, my art professor, who knew that I was a mural artist (and had been working professionally for a few years-but didn’t have a piece of paper which declared me so), was contacted by a local hospital looking for just such a person as I. 

And, as the fates would have it, I was contacted, asked to prepare a proposal, and some rough sketches of what my concept would be. Sure, I am thinking, piece of cake, right? Feeling that this is a lucky break for me and a great opportunity artistically and financially, the contact person of the committee informs me (right before we hang up) that I need the proposal prepared with some rough sketches and to come submit them in person within 10 days in front of the committee!! 

….could I do it? Sure, no problem, I say. Inside I am in full panic mode. 
Without going into all the gory details, let me stitch together this tall tales conclusion. They liked my ideas and concepts and offered me the job (obviously)…..I had a little over two weeks to paint and be out before the huge grand reopening of the hospitals renovations! Imagine being thrown into this job with HUGE time constraints and then to realize you will be working around, under and with all sorts of construction. I had tile ceilings being put in above me and men walking around me with funny stilt like shoes on. I had electricians wiring and plumbers, well plumbing it was chaos.  

Being the only female working in an area with many men coming and going was odd to begin with, but, I sometimes would come up for air and turn around to find audiences of one to several people watching me work. It was very unnerving at first. From the curious employees, fellow contractors and the committee members who were sweating along with me through every brush stroke, I was treated graciously and came to enjoy the visits from them all. It was an experience I will never forget, and the largest project I have undertaken. 

Sadly, I was told a few years back they were doing away with the pediatric department and the murals were all being painted over. So, you understand why finding these photos were so precious to me. Here are a some of my favorite characters for you to see:

I had done such a good job disguising the electrical panel on this wall that I had to UNdo my good work, because the inspector could not find it for safety regulations!

This mischievous fairy was a favorite, she had a sass to her that everyone loved

This young lady is fishing for her prince charming (disguised as a frog on the lily pad below her

As you approached the pediatric area the fairy kingdom was revealed to you.
A wood working artisan created a 3D tree relief which attached to the corner of the scene

I worked days, evenings, whenever I could find a minute
 to sneak away from school or home and paint.