Let me begin by saying that this is a second posting of work from the past. In particular I am sharing mural work which I do not do a lot of any more. So, with your indulgence and interest I would like to continue…The following mural was completed in about a month of sporadic working. Its size is approximately forty +/- foot and it was designed by myself and painted in 2003 for A & G Coal Corporation Conference Room. Since then, the owners of the company have changed hands along with this office building. The good news is that the original commissioners of the art purchased this building back around 2012. I am glad it is back in the hands of its original owners. 
 On pickiness:
The funniest part about this story is all of the support and assistance (aka opinions) of every man who came within viewing distance of me in progress. These people were proud of their work ethic and the jobs they perform, so the equipment, coal, mining, helicopters…this all had to be the best that I could make them. I was taken on trips to see equipment in progress, and many, many (did I say many) photos of various angles and details. And through out the process, offered information or correction if I got off track at any given time. 

In case I have not made it so, let me just be very clear and go on record saying that whoever it is that says women are picky and hard to work with are wrong! I am here to testify that men are just as picky when it comes to something near and dear to their hearts, and this mural was just that. The equipment pieces chosen were very deliberate, as were the vehicles and the helicopter, etc. This mural tells a story and that story is the beginning of mountain top removal coal mining, the different stages of progress in mining, specific people who oversee the process, and later (but not pictured) the efforts to restore property to reusable land as the reclamation phase is completed. 
Opinions on coal mining:
I realize this particular subject is not often met with a lot of positive opinion and there are many who are passionately for or against coal mining. I would like to state equivocally and clear terms here and now, this is not a referendum for your or my opinions, simply a commissioned art project. I was honored to be asked to create this piece and I gave this work as much attention and enthusiasm as I would any other job to which I was hired. 

Please speak carefully and intelligently, if you wish to weigh in with commentary in regards to the subject. I am monitoring comment. 
A little about the project itself : 
For the second time, as with the last project, I was working in a construction zone.  You can tell this from the photos which my husband had taken (and are recently re-discovered).  And while it can be difficult to work and concentrate with a lot of people under or over you working, I actually prefer this work atmosphere for several reasons. I am an impatient person by nature and when I am ready to begin a project, the boring necessities of prep work are tedious at least and hair pulling frustration, at worst. When, I do not have to worry about spills, yards of taping and blanketing and moving carpets, furniture and trim, I can eagerly get underway and let the creativity commence.  

In the end, I worked hard, made some new friends, learned more than I cared to know about CAT, diesel equipment and mining. But, all in all, I was proud of how the project concluded. 

I hope you are enjoying these posts of older work. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.