Mural story #3:  This photo is of a mural of a Noah’s ark painting that I did in the nursery of a church. I have painted quite a few Ark scenes in the past.  One of my favorite versions, still, is of a frazzled Noah chasing a hole-drilling woodpecker gone nuts (perhaps I can locate an image or two one day). It was fun and still makes everyone smile when they see the mural. 

I must admit, after doing so many versions of this biblical cartoon scene, that they did get a bit monotonous. (sorry folks, no disrespect intended!–its like eating the same thing every single day, ya know?)

Church Nursery Mural of Noah’s Ark
Art (current): I am still waiting for the oils to dry on the small canvas. I am trying to remember if I posted a photo of the progress so far…..? 

Gardening: In the mean time I wanted to show off my cactus blooms.  These are prickly pear cactus, and actually can be eaten. I would not recommend trying to, unless you have someone with experience who knows how to pick, clean and harvest them! They are mean little devils with large spines and tiny hairlike spines which completely cover their surfaces!

I have already posted a few photos on instagram and facebook, so those who follow me will probably be thinking…..not again!??!  I can’t help it, sorry, I just get so excited when the day gets hot enough to open these blooms in SW Virginia.  AND, the fact that they survive our cold winters and come back every spring, sporting even more of these lusciously vibrant yellow blooms, well, I just can’t help myself…and yes I LOVE yellow. 

Flea Marketing:  nets some really ripe nice strawberries over the weekend. So what is a person to do, but make jam! I bought a gallon of berries from a local farmer, along with some other goodies like honey, green tomatoes (ever had friend green tomatoes??) and yellow squash. I was able to make 5 pints and 6 half pints of jam from that gallon. 

We love to go to this particular flea market. Mostly, because of a particular farmer who is there every weekend. He has a great passion and pride in his produce and obviously loves what he does. He will talk to you about growing and offer helpful hints on how to grow, can, freeze or prepare whatever you are purchasing. 

His main crop are apples. He sells a type that I had never had before until last year. The variety is called honey crisp. If you ever get a chance to try one…..well you will be hooked! Mr. farmer was excited to share with us about a new type of apple he will have in the fall, an October Gala. He swears it will be as popular as the honey crisp. I can not wait to try it out and see for myself. I am looking forward to some June apples (in August-if anyone can explain that story to me, please do) to cook for breakfast. I also plan to make some apple butter this year. 
BUT, I am not in any hurry to wish away this lovely spring or impending summer weather!
~Bring it on the sunshine~ 

Live in each season as it passes; 
breathe the air, 
drink the drink, 
taste the fruit, 

and resign yourself 
to the influence of the earth.