Creativity & Writing:  For a long while now, I have been struggling with the frequency of my creative inspiration (or lack of).  Mine comes and goes, mostly it seems to go. In part, this could be because I am using mine up in an unrelated field; writing. I am just now ready to admit this.
((No, it is not about art!))
-I will leave there for now. 

Summer & Plein Air Painting: The onset of summer weather is always a distraction from my art. I am fulfilled and content to be out of doors enjoying the sunshine and sounds as opposed to looking at them from the windows. 

One day, I should try my hand at plein air painting. (A few famous plein air artists were Constable, Monet, Manet and Winslow, in case you want to look their work up.)  What stumps is that I imagine the actual act of painting outdoors is probably very enjoyable. However, setting up, almost, seems as if it would ruin your creative vibe before you even got started.  

My Art: Today I felt the urge to pick up the ole paintbrushes (and markers). Below are the results of what I accomplished. I also prepared another canvas for a textural abstract expression type of piece I have been thinking about and laid in a layer of thinned oil colors on a smaller piece. A pretty good day of creating for me and I have to admit, It feels good…

18 x 24 inch pre-stretched canvas
Untitled Work
acrylic & ink
Life isn’t about finding yourself. 

Life is about creating 


―George Bernard Shaw

Creating and Me: I ran across this quote over the weekend and it has stuck with me for a few days now. I have often been criticized for painting in one genre and then another. Over time, painting every day, and then, sporadically before and afterward, I have rotated through abstract expression, surrealism and doodling on a consistent basis. Some feel this is not as it should be.

I worry about how others think I should be working as an artist or how long they think I should paint in one style…blah blah blah. And while I  agree that young artists do need to concentrate on a field of study in order to properly grasp and educate themselves. But at the same time, I they need freedom to explore and play and study. This is how we take all that we have learned, and from that, find our own voice. (creating ourself) And this process needs to ever evolve in order for an artist to continue growing. Period. For better or worse and after years of painting and accepting private commissions in a large variety of art styles, I am finding my voice. I will continue to take the pleasure and creative expression from the styles which I make me speak to me. Currently those just happen to be, surrealism, doodling and abstract expression. And they seem to be finding a way to work together on my canvas.