18 x 24 inch canvas
untitled….maybe Uncontrolled?
mixed media
by Valerie Dowdy

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the chaos of life and the art I create can be basically….art vomit. (an uncontrolled stream or flow)

What do I mean? 

Every day we have struggles and conflicts. It is life. But from time to time that swirling, maelstrom seems uncontainable. Finding its way to, where the artistic me comes from, then slowly weaving itself over and around until I feel crushed and my artistic soul is struggling to breath. The only way, for me, to expel the chaos and toxins inhibiting my creativity, is removal. 

Through painting, the negative energy and release of it, feels like a purification. Will these pieces of art become great masterpieces? Most likely, no. Will they sometimes make people uncomfortable, you betcha. But, through this practice, I am able to visualize what my mind is wrestling to verbalize. 

Learning to embrace these emotions and use them to our advantage is one of the invaluable ingredients to creating abstract expression and surrealism. 
The very root of their technique stems from understanding this concept. And conversely, I believe, is one of the biggest motivators of fear and failure to comprehend for the viewer.  

To understand and appreciate surrealism and abstract expression will at some point evoke emotions, which are not comfortable, but do not let that fear scare you from trying. 

Just remember, it is scary from both sides of the perspective.