Some of you have already seen my newest surreal tree art. 
(well, the mostly completed version of it anyway) 

I thought the tree looked kind of “floaty”. I went back in and gave the back ground some details to help ground the tree image. 

If you are wondering about the canvas, well it is not one I could easily replicate. This was a yard sale find that a friend picked up and passed along to me. 
The decorative elements were already attached to the canvas and a…ummm, well lets just call it, a print, with some crackle texture for effect. Yeah…not really my style, either!! I decided to keep the edging and see if I could use them to my benefit…

As I was stacking this piece with the others, I realize that I am getting closer to my goal of having enough of these pieces to do a show. Cool. Of course I would not mind one bit, if someone out there wants to buy one or a bunch of them!!
18 x 24 inch canvas
with decorative trim pieces
(faux finished by me)
acrylics, ink, watercolor pencil on the canvas
acrylics and metallic paint on the trim work

Close up of the upper half of the artwork