For those of you who are timid OR uncomfortable with color,
todays work will most likely startle and/or overwhelm you. 


12 x 24 inch canvas
acrylics and marker

Today I decided to experiment. In this painting, I combined all the elements that I am currently using. Yet, what created seems different-subdued but saturated at the same time.

At its root it is a landscape. The solid black outline creates a mountainous background for the the tree and surreal rocks. 

This work feels sort of chaotic and at first I am not sure where my eyes should land. Then, I am drawn inward to the tree itself, and my eyes begin to travel outward and around the canvas taking in the details. 
My goal was to work in a sort of reverse order. While still being the focal point of the piece, the tree itself is painted in soft and undulating strokes that mimics the movement of waves. This gives me a feeling of dimension and of calm. 
The background shocks and its contrasting  colors and geometric shapes draw my eyes outward. 

Even though this piece is very different from the others, consider this, I have NOT even strayed from my color palette. It is simply a reversal of the details and placement of colors which allowed me to create a very different look.