aRt in ProGrEsS:
The first image is a piece that I had to get out of my system. The urge to create textural pieces of art work will always be a part of me. 
Below it, the next piece, I have recently spoken about (the tree).  I still have not had time to make a lot of progress, so for better or for worse, here is its current state of completion. 

18 x 24 inch canvas
oil and spackle
for sale
18 x 24
Mixed Media
Title: The One Who Creates

If you will remember, I recently posted about this painting a short while back? It is a transitional piece, helping to create again after a while of feeling stagnant. The painting has been purchased. (yay) 

The buyer of this piece asked me to include a verse, which came to their mind when viewing this work. I agreed. I added the verse in the lower right corner. I have not been able to give this art a title, until now. 

Other Works:
Lately I have been doing a lot of what I will call craft work. While not my favorite, certainly they provide bread and butter for my art business. In between selling paintings, these pieces enable me to make a little extra cash and keep painting what I want to paint. I am grateful for all art jobs big and small, creative or craft. I can not think of anything more detrimental to an artist than to NOT be doing something. A lot of artists refuse to do these kinds of projects and while I understand their reasoning, each of us must go about our business as dictated by our economy, location etc. Who am I to judge the decisions of others until I have walked a mile on their path?  

12 x 24 pre-stretched canvas
acrylics and metallic paint
custom designed and hand painted (no stencils)

12 x 24 pre-stretched canvas
image of work hanging in home of customer
hand painted no stencils

To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts 
such is the duty of the artist.