Dancing Poppies

Dancing Poppies is a digital drawing I created this week. I made it available for print through threadless.com click this link to see sizes available  Purchase Dancing Poppies Fine Art Prints Peace- Valerie 


Greetings, don’t pass out, two posts in one week!?! When I am struggling with anything (in this case, the holidays ending) I use the exercise of doodling to help me regroup, focus, and regain concentration. It works like meditation for me. if you’re interested in purchasing a pdf of any doodle pages, please contact me. … Continue reading Doodling

What Do You See?

In today's world technology moves so quickly that most of us struggle to keep up with its infinite boundaries. I will argue that the connection between the artist, their canvas and media of choice is irreplaceable. I am not dismissive of the benefits and productivity that technology affords an artist. The challenge of manipulating a … Continue reading What Do You See?

Let’s Throw Some Art In…

In between emptying boxes or totes, I pulled out my iPad,and Apple Pencil. I was feeling a creative vibe and wanted to nurture it, despite all the chaos that is currently surrounding me. I mean that in the most literal sense!  Totally off subject: You know, I've purged once already when we were packing to … Continue reading Let’s Throw Some Art In…