Day 235

8x10 close up the upper left corner of today's painting Sometimes, I see paintings inside of paintings. Today's art has several. I picked my favorite to share. 8x10 oil on canvasToday blogger is back up and working! Whew, that was scary, and I am relieved. I would really hate to fail on this project so close … Continue reading Day 235

Day 233

8x10 oils on canvasWhat do YOU think it is?                   Stones?....                                   Footprints?...Seeds?...             Closeup of something?...If you guess you can title it.Peace,Valerie

Day 231…

8x10 oilsDoes my art say what my heart feels? Whether I intentionally mean for it to or not, it always manages to creep out. Interesting is it not how that happens.FYI-your local Food City grocery stores are having a drive to help local animal groups such as PAWS. You buy supplies and drop them off … Continue reading Day 231…

Day 230

8x10 oilsYES, it is a tree. I now know one thing for certain about myself. I LOVE TREES!A great mom's day meal and trip to B & N [with one child missing *sad face*] I found a few great books on sale, a collection of Native American Photography by Edward Curtis, A Warhol art book … Continue reading Day 230

Day 229 Sleeping Beauty…

8x10 oilsI am barely making it under the time frame tonight. I have been having a chick day with one of my daughters. Shopping, dinner, Starbucks-girlie stuff like that. It has been a long, but fun day.I hope all the mom's out there have a very happy Mother's Day with ones you love.Peace,Valerie