Day 241 Happy Thursday!

8x10 oils on canvasWe are watching a Tyler Perry movie this evening, and I have been alternately cackling and crying. If you have never watched one, I highly recommend them. If you know Madea...well all I have to say is thank you Lord, we need the Jesus up in here! 8DPeace,Valerie

Day 240…

8x10 oil on canvasYou know, there are artists who spend a whole year painting the same thing over and over and over. They say this is a way to perfecting a genre or medium. As I sit downstairs some evenings and look around at my art, I begin to fret over the fact that I … Continue reading Day 240…

Day 239

8x10 oils on canvasHave you ever been to the point your brain hurts?? I describe it as that point when you all you can do is frown, and you have a dull ache behind your eyes and base of your skull. Trying to think about anything at all seems like such a challenge. I am … Continue reading Day 239

Day 238

8x10 oils on canvasThere is no need for lengthy explanations to tonight's art. The simplicity of the piece speaks for itself. What I find more worthwhile in discussing is the reoccurring presence of the sun in my work. I wish I had the words to express the feelings I have when I am surrounded by … Continue reading Day 238