…..fine art? or craft?

Latest Surreal TreeThe more time passes since I completed my view, the more I seem to struggle with efforts to blog about what I am doing artistically.  Not to say that I am not creating, just that finding the ability to share my thoughts are more difficult.   Close up of Surreal TreeI have a few … Continue reading …..fine art? or craft?

Gel Medium Transfer Art

 On Monday my group and I finished our three part paint skins series.  They seemed to have a good time experimenting with a different art medium, and have started projects of their own. I take this as a good sign.  I enjoyed spending time with a great group of people and am looking forward to seeing … Continue reading Gel Medium Transfer Art

Catch up time….

Good Monday evening to you,I opened up our shop today in what began as a rainy Monday but thankfully improved into a sunny afternoon.  I had a several visitors today, a couple that live in New York were passing through and stopped to visit us.  The wife had a very heavy accent and when I … Continue reading Catch up time….