Sunflowers; Crazed with the love of light

How did it get to be August so quickly? My summer feels like it has passed very quickly, almost a blur at times. The last three months have brought on a lot of change for my view from 1502. Most times I feel like I am still catching my breath, and hang on while my life clicks along, like … Continue reading Sunflowers; Crazed with the love of light

aRt in ProGrEsS:The first image is a piece that I had to get out of my system. The urge to create textural pieces of art work will always be a part of me. Below it, the next piece, I have recently spoken about (the tree).  I still have not had time to make a lot of … Continue reading

It appears that Old Man Winter has finally found Southwest Virginia.  Until last week we had been fortunate enough to have missed severe weather and enjoy relatively mild seasonal temperatures, that is, until this past week.  Not only has one winter storm blasted through (quickly thank goodness), but another is predicted to hit tonight and … Continue reading

…a little sunshine, a birdbath and surrealism the sun shines brightly at my doorstep and I am happy to say hello-valerieIt would seem that I am feeling somewhat philosophical this morning.  There are many motivating factors and events to make this so, and as usual, they all seem to manipulate my vision as I create art.  With avoidance of the causes, … Continue reading …a little sunshine, a birdbath and surrealism

Don’t be afraid to fail…

Untitledfrom the Surreal Tree Series12 x 12on 400 series, linen canvas papermixed mediaWORK IN PROGRESSI am currently working on another piece in the surreal trees series. The photos I am posting show the current progress and a close up section of details. This piece of art has been a companion to me during the week, as … Continue reading Don’t be afraid to fail…