Art:This week my oldest daughter took photos on one of her outings along a beach near her. These pieces she made into black and white images. She often works in monochromatic color schemes and has an attention to DETAIL which I can never compare to.  The content, which could disturb some, arouse emotions of a … Continue reading

Sometimes a step backward can help assure you are still traveling the path which you should be. For example, these paintings are what brought me to my interest in surrealism and how combining doodling, ink, pencil, watercolors & oil these paintings took shape. Not many see these pieces, they are a series of self portraits. … Continue reading

Day 361

Friday, and then there were four---four days that is.We know (from my art history lesson last night) that from the Renaissance period until the middle of the 19th century Western Art was emphasized perspective and visual attempts to capture realism.  With changing technology, science and philosophy, artists began to draw their ideas from new theoretical … Continue reading Day 361

Day 90!!!! Woman at Rest No. 3

3 months of daily paintings!8x10 Oil on Stretched Canvas  Woman at Rest No. 3   $115So why are there no faces on my women? I purposely did not explain this right away because I wanted to see how/what any of you were reacting to these pieces first. Since I am in such a good mood about … Continue reading Day 90!!!! Woman at Rest No. 3