Set Painting for a local theatre production window(we gotta give back, right??)One of the cool things about artists, crafts people, and local business owners is thatwe love to share/trade/bargain with each other for projects.A certain friend of ours, is a great Dr. Who fan. He really wanted a scarf. I am not into the series, … Continue reading

Nudes. The study of the female and male form have been a favorite subject matter for artists since, well, since forever.  As far back there is evidence of this fact. In 28,000-25,000 BCE the Venus/Woman of Willendorf was created, during the paleolithic era. Found in a cave in Austria, she was created out of a … Continue reading

Painted in 2001Yesterday I spent some time going through some older artwork and materials in the basement, this is where I had originally set up my studio area. In one corner there are shelves where we store different things. Things such as, stuff we inherited from the past owner, canned green beans (yes I canned … Continue reading

With less than two weeks left until Christmas I have been cranking out snowmen, ornament paintings, ornaments with paintings, and the like. I ran across this quote by Andy Warhol this week. It really resonates with me and I want to share it with you in this post. Most likely it become a permanent feature … Continue reading

Labor Day 2013

Greetings Friends and Happy Labor Day,I apologize for being absent for so long from my blog. It has been very difficult to motivate myself to write and create art the last few months.  As we turn the calendars to September and fall quickly approaches,  I realize that it was about this very time of the … Continue reading Labor Day 2013

Happy Father’s Day….

Step One....Close Up of Step One....Step Two...ART:Inspired by a photo I recently came across of a model, I couldn't stop looking at her long flowing hair. The lovely red strands were twisted and curled in waves and layers like woven vines and branches. I knew I had found inspiration for a new addition to the … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day….

 Mondays are quickly becoming a great day for me.  It is not often you will hear that statement is it. There is something about the mix of sunshine, and a bit of focus, that produces the right formula for creating art.Untitled12 x 24" pre-stretched canvas Media: mixed watercolor, ink & markerPrice: $350the symbolism of trees are … Continue reading

Day 361

Friday, and then there were four---four days that is.We know (from my art history lesson last night) that from the Renaissance period until the middle of the 19th century Western Art was emphasized perspective and visual attempts to capture realism.  With changing technology, science and philosophy, artists began to draw their ideas from new theoretical … Continue reading Day 361