Colors like words in poems….

Please permit me minute before I begin my post to shamelessly plug my page on facebook. This is where I advertise the custom and personalized things like nursery art, wall art signs, lamps, totes, furniture or whatever. (you get the idea, right?)The Custom Brush <---click the title and it will take you directly to the site. Art updates:While working … Continue reading Colors like words in poems….

*****************************WARNING***************************For those of you who are timid OR uncomfortable with color,todays work will most likely startle and/or overwhelm you. *******************************12 x 24 inch canvasacrylics and markerUntitledToday I decided to experiment. In this painting, I combined all the elements that I am currently using. Yet, what created seems different-subdued but saturated at the same time.At its root … Continue reading

It has been a week ago yesterday that I slipped away for a little "sort of" adventure, for myself.  Let me preface this story, by saying that after a "girls trip" plan began to fall apart, I was stuck with a decision to make. That decision was whether to take off on the drive alone, … Continue reading