The Point Where Hypothesis and Fact Meet

Back on August the ninth, I posted a photo of a WIP (along with the Rooster update) This is the finished piece. Honestly, I thought I would be farther along with this body of work than I am by this time of the year. Oh well.18 x 24 inch pre-stretched canvasUntitledwatercolor & InkOne of my daughters … Continue reading The Point Where Hypothesis and Fact Meet

Sometimes a step backward can help assure you are still traveling the path which you should be. For example, these paintings are what brought me to my interest in surrealism and how combining doodling, ink, pencil, watercolors & oil these paintings took shape. Not many see these pieces, they are a series of self portraits. … Continue reading

More SNOW!! coming down today. They said it was coming (weathermen), but I didn't believe it....<----used this last year, coming in handy againI say that in such a dramatic way, you would think that I live in some northern clime where temperatures have been unbearable and the snow has accumulated in feet as opposed to … Continue reading

Labor Day 2013

Greetings Friends and Happy Labor Day,I apologize for being absent for so long from my blog. It has been very difficult to motivate myself to write and create art the last few months.  As we turn the calendars to September and fall quickly approaches,  I realize that it was about this very time of the … Continue reading Labor Day 2013

right side of canvasWhen I begin each blog entry, I always feel like a writer with a bad case of block. Maybe it is just a natural part of the writing process, I don't know? Do I just dive into my conversation? Or, should I open with an image? Perhaps a clever joke? Quote?.............Arrgh.  It … Continue reading

unconventional methods…

earliest image of progressRecent Image of ProgressToday I share with you some progress photos on a piece of work that has been neglected on the easel long enough. Especially, since I want this huge ass canvas to be the centerpiece for my surreal art show.  Neglected no longer! I have advanced.  After taking time to … Continue reading unconventional methods…

Today I am sitting inside my toasty and warm home. Winter Storm Iago (yep, apparently they name them now) was the source for some pretty nasty events over the last 24 hours in SW Virginia and has turned my neighborhood into what would be described as a winter wonderland. (IF you like winter wonderlands) I … Continue reading