Its A Series, Right…?

If there are at least two and one more in progress, then, it is a series, right??I am creating these images in the Autodesk Sketchbook App on my iPad Pro, using my apple pencil. I am very pleased with the ease of use and features of this program. The floral designs are very different from my usual style … Continue reading Its A Series, Right…?

Creative Fun…a how to video

In the past, I've had many requests for video classes. I am considering this a little more seriously while I have some extra time for creativity. The video I have created is a simple exercise and produced digitally in an app I use. I am looking for interest, input, skill level, digital or paint, live or recorded? … Continue reading Creative Fun…a how to video

Live. Work. Create….

I want to share some exciting news. Recently, I applied to become a Painted Fox Home affiliate. Being a fan, and avid follower on #Instagram and decided, why not? After all, I believe in their products enough to purchase them myself! I am waiting (impatiently) for this beauty to arrive right now. Live. Work. Create. (my motto) to tempt all … Continue reading Live. Work. Create….

Abstract Expressions Enjoys Nationwide Visitors….

We came, we colored and we had a blast! Thank you Kingsport Fun Fest and the many smiling faces I met this past weekend. You made my day special and fun.Please enjoy this slideshow of ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONS COLORING BOOK booth some of my visitors during the Maker Faire this past Saturday. I am very pleased with how the event turned … Continue reading Abstract Expressions Enjoys Nationwide Visitors….

For Sale On Amazon

Cha-Ching! Abstract Expressions Coloring Book by Valerie Dowdy on Amazonclick link above to take you to the pageMy Amazon listing is live and working.Creating a self-published coloring book has been no easy task, and I seem to know just enough about technology to get myself in to trouble. I persevered.Seeing the listing has made me proud and excited....imagine … Continue reading For Sale On Amazon

Are You A Crayon Or A Marker Person? Perhaps You Are Somewhere In-Between?

Partial shipment of coloring books are in, and reactions are positive!Abstract Expressions by Valerie DowdyAs I am organizing some paperwork this morning, it occurs to me that many of you will soon be coloring and enjoying drawings that are my creations. Wow. This kind of messes with my mind, but in a good way, as I … Continue reading Are You A Crayon Or A Marker Person? Perhaps You Are Somewhere In-Between?

The Point Where Hypothesis and Fact Meet

Back on August the ninth, I posted a photo of a WIP (along with the Rooster update) This is the finished piece. Honestly, I thought I would be farther along with this body of work than I am by this time of the year. Oh well.18 x 24 inch pre-stretched canvasUntitledwatercolor & InkOne of my daughters … Continue reading The Point Where Hypothesis and Fact Meet

Where the Rooster Crows there is a Village….

My knowledge on anything barnyard related is pretty much non-existant. About a year ago, I created this rooster painting on a 12 x 12 inch watercolor canvas, after some goading, which led me to surfing the internet for chicken/rooster images. I painted this guy. He's been laying around in my studio ever since and I had not given … Continue reading Where the Rooster Crows there is a Village….

 Lassie Project Update:Today I reapplied a layer of under painting. What is under painting? An under painting is an thin layer of paint applied as a base for the following subsequent layers of paint. Under painting is sometimes monochromatic and there are several ways to use the technique to define color values for later layers. Example of verdaille paintingOriginally, verdaccio became an integral … Continue reading

In keeping with the doodle theme, and the fact that I am still cranking them out lately, I thought I would share some more information:This excerpt is taken from The Secret Language of Doodles and you can read the entire article by following the link. The examples are offered as basic information ONLY.  We will leave … Continue reading