right side of canvasWhen I begin each blog entry, I always feel like a writer with a bad case of block. Maybe it is just a natural part of the writing process, I don't know? Do I just dive into my conversation? Or, should I open with an image? Perhaps a clever joke? Quote?.............Arrgh.  It … Continue reading

18 x 24Untitled, UnfinishedMonday, another beautiful, summer-like day to work in the studio, even though we are experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures.  The conditions have been getting more and more uncomfortable. I noticed a trend of shoppers not wanting to hang around long...NOT GOOD NEWS.  So, Carol and I decided to plug up the air conditioning unit … Continue reading

I began this post yesterday actually and then began to freak out so much over my writing (which I do every time I post), that I just stopped and left it for another day. One of the skills (writing) that painting and blogging everyday was supposed to improve and develop more...well lets just say fall … Continue reading