So What’s New In My Art World…?

I dropped the blogging ball, so to speak, and I'm sorry about that! I began a full time job a while back, and honestly, I am trying to absorb a lot of new information and working again after a long hiatus is really kicking my butt. I just haven't had the energy to create. So what … Continue reading So What’s New In My Art World…?

Pack, Unpack, Move….repeat

My goodness, if anyone ever tells you moving is not too difficult, thena) they do not own many material things or b) they are lying. Since January 1, I have experienced a lot of transition in both my personal and professional life. For some reason, the expectation is that change will be negative. That is simply not … Continue reading Pack, Unpack, Move….repeat

You never know what life is going to throw at you, but it sure manages to always catch you off guard!The good news is that I have enough images for coloring book volume two to begin working on organizing them in word. What that does mean for me, is, that the nasty, NO fun part … Continue reading

Rebirth of a work…

Insomnia strikes again in the wee hours of this Monday morning...Turning myself to something productive (after finding little of import on Facebook feeds and Instagram), I thought you might appreciate a post that focuses on a piece of art that I began working again, a little over a week ago.This particular piece has gone through … Continue reading Rebirth of a work…

Saturday:I got my butt up and moving and I went downtown to check out our town's farmers-market. While there, I saw vendors with GREAT looking local produce, some cool wooden baskets made by a local artist, home-canned goods and fresh baked loaves of breads. Of course I purchased a loaf of sourdough and a jar of … Continue reading

Creativity & Writing:  For a long while now, I have been struggling with the frequency of my creative inspiration (or lack of).  Mine comes and goes, mostly it seems to go. In part, this could be because I am using mine up in an unrelated field; writing. I am just now ready to admit this.((No, … Continue reading