If you have read any of this blog at all, or know me personally, then you know I have an interest and fascination for trees that borders on obsession. So, when out to stock up on art supplies, I ran across this metal tree wall art/decor  ....how could I not bring it home with me? The only … Continue reading

 When it comes to sunshine...if there are sun beams peeking through ANYWHERE...Scruffy and/or I will find them.<---the proof is in the photo as they sayAs I was working around the house today, I happened to notice that he was laying in an odd place...I looked a little closer to see why. He found a sun … Continue reading

I HATE trying to come up with a witty opening line to begin blogging...it feels like Charlie Brown, after Lucy has snapped the ball away from him yet again. UGHOn matters of art: Honestly, there are not a lot. I have not been painting any the last couple of weeks. Previously, the delay was waiting for … Continue reading

Zentangle, Zendoodle or Doodle? I've recently become aware of newer terminology regarding the method or act of what is/was commonly called doodling. Copyright owners for the "zentangle" process defines it in this way: "to use a "string" which defines an area (this is usually done in pencil) and then that area is filled in with a repetitive … Continue reading